Swallow's Winter - Dark Valley Whisky
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Some things are fleeting, here one minute and gone the next. Much like swallows flying south for the winter, occasionally the disappearance of one thing can make way for another. This is certainly true of single casks, more so of independent bottlings, and amazing liquid and distilleries must go south to allow for more exciting expressions. A whisky that once gone, unlike the namesake bird, will never be seen again.

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Spirit Source

Lark Distillery

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Indicative Tasting Notes

Delicious refined vanilla and warming winter desserts, honey and caramel brûlée with some light spice from the oak. The palate is wonderfully creamy with preserved stone fruit and syrup glaze to keep you toasty and cozy.

  1. Rob Acres (verified owner)

    Worth taking some time with this one. The nose opens up nicely with notes of egg tarts with vanilla and demerara sugar brûlée. Wood and spirit are well integrated with the spice and vanilla from the oak sitting in the background. The texture – creamy and mouth coating. More pastry and custard with peaches and cream.
    It finishes juicy and lingers well – overripe nectarine mixed with musk sticks and sherbert

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