Teacher's Cane - Dark Valley Whisky
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We have come a long way since corporal punishment was used in Tasmanian schools, classrooms are now free of the dreaded cane, but whiskies that do not behave in the cask are thankfully still allowed to be disciplined. A beating can often improve the performance of whisky that is unruly and unbalanced. A whisky that will educate you, with a little rap on the
knuckles for your palate.

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Spirit Source

Redlands Distillery

Cask Type

Sherry Cask





Indicative Tasting Notes

Allspice and cinnamon, aniseed and wine tannins, balanced fruit salad of raspberry greengages and orange

  1. Tom Ellis (verified owner)

    Possibly the best whisky I have had the pleasure of tasting. A testament to Dark Valley

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